Mehdi Massage

In English

The Mehdi massage that I offer is a combination of Zone Therapy, Acupressure, Whole Body Massage and Energy Conveyance. Combined all these methods, which complement one another, enable me to make a thorough massage of all the body organs, muscles and hormone and nerve systems. The entire treatment session lasts for two hours. This is the length of time needed to treat the whole body in a concentrated way. In return, usually not many sessions are needed to achieve a result.

Zone Therapy: All organs and body parts have their mirror zones in the hands, feet and ears. It is possible to diagnose the function of the organs by zone therapy massage. Even past illnesses can be found. The massage activates the mirror zones and improves the function of the organs.

Acupressure: Pressure on nerve points which are situated at diverse locations in the body. I say this is a relevant second step after zone therapy to pinpoint the diagnosis more precisely and to achieve a better result of the treatment.

Whole Body Massage: To make the muscles, sinews and skin more elastic, soft and strong and to improve blood circulation. Lungs and belly organs receive massage as well.

Energy Conveyance: Electric impulses travel in the nerves. This makes us react to pain, heat and cold and enable us to move. For various reasons the nerves may malfunction or the impulses become slow. I hear and feel how fast and by what kind of impulses the electricity is flowing in the nerves. I speed up the slow ones. This treatment is painless though many people notice a sensation in the nerves.

During zone therapy, acupressure and massage it is usual to feel pain in the mirror zones of those organs or body parts where the illnesses or malfunctions are located. When the entire treatment feels pleasant, you are healthy and further treatment is superfluous.

Often the patient wants to receive help concerning a health problem which has appeared recently. Frequently I also find other, maybe more serious, disorders which the patient has had for a longer time and has been living with. I treat all the illnesses that I find. The massage that I give is very efficient, entire body, with very good diagnosis and prospect for rapid recovery. When I find an illness from which I cannot help the patient recover, for example one that calls for surgery, I propose consulting a Medical Doctor.

In a majority of cases, only massage by itself is not sufficient to solve all health problems. Therefore I also give advice on diets and show exercises that the patient can do on his or her own. One of the aims of the whole treatment is to raise your consciousness about your own body so that you can take better care of it yourself.

About Me

I was an unhealthy child and began massaging myself at the age of twelve. I became a healthy adult in spite of the doctors' diagnoses. I also cured myself from my genetic disease psoriasis arthritis. I have read many books on different diseases and began massaging other people too, with success.

Mostly I am self-educated, autodidact. I have diplomas of Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 and will soon partake in the third course. My tutor's name is Jessica Gröger. Through every new patient I learn something new. Every patient is a unique person. That is why I adapt each treatment to the special needs of each individual person. For several years I was massaging on a nonprofit basis (= free of charge) outside of my ordinary paid work. My doing it for free was difficult for many people, they wanted to pay for what they received.

I have learned from books and from experience. To make a diagnosis by feeling the energy, I learned from a famous hungarian practitioner of naturopathy, Mr. Lajos Atya of the town of Adony. My Indian father, Krishna Kumar Bhatia and my sister, Őzse Gabriella are also masseurs (they live in Hungary) and we use to talk to each other about our experiences and ask each other for advice. All three of us use different massage styles.

Before the Massage

Does the Mehdi Massage Help?

The body has a wonderful healing capacity. We can aid it consciously. I help to adjust the function of the body and conduct the function of the organs and the mind on the right way. The goal is recovery and the achievement of health.

I can relate what in fact has happened to some of my patients so that you can assess for yourself:

A is a middle-aged male with a genetic paralysing disease which appeared when he was fifty years of age. His left side was being increasingly paralysed. I massaged him once a week for months. His health condition improved and his sensory capacity returned in his left side. He was even able to climb a tree.

B is a young female about twenty-five years old. When she came to me she was in a very bad condition both physically and mentally. Her organs did not function well and were like of an old person. Her condition was appalling to me too. She received three hours of massage because in her case, two hours were not enough. She received advice on diet and on exercises. She left for vacation on another continent and was away for a few weeks. Meanwhile she sent me some phone messages and asked for counsel. After six weeks she came back for her second massage. The difference in her health condition was surprisingly good. She had got back her youthfulness, her organs were functioning quite all right and she was feeling well. She did not need any more massage as she could take care of her health herself.

C is a male of twenty years who was wounded during military service. His "heel cushions" had come loose inside his heels and he could only walk on his toes. Neither doctors nor various other massage treatments could help him. According to the doctors there was no help for him, he would remain handicapped. He stayed with us for about three months and received massage by me twice a day in the beginning, later once a day. He has recovered completely.

D is a male of about sixty with a serious kidney disease. According to the doctors he was going to need a new kidney because his were functioning at only a few percent. He was staying with us for several days at a time for weeks, interrupted by travels home and visits to the hospital where he had dialysis treatment for a few days. He received massage by me every morning while he was staying with us. In the afternoons I conveyed energy to him to invigorate the healing capacity of his kidneys. His vision improved already after two sessions and his body became a lot more elastic. He wanted to get well quickly because he wanted to go abroad to a work which was waiting for him. After about two months of commuting between my treatment and the hospital examinations and dialyses he travelled abroad awaiting the planned kidney transplantation. He did not complete the massage treatment with me but finished it when he was on the verge of maybe coping without further massage. After six months he telephoned from abroad saying that he no longer needs dialysis because his kidneys function sufficiently again.

E is a fifty year old female suffering from fibromyalgia. She had cripplingly great bodily pains, rigid joints and major accumulations of poison in the adipose tissue of her arms and thighs. After the first massage she looked several years younger and was feeling well. She did the exercises that I proposed, every day. After three weeks, when it was time for the second massage, she was a lot more elastic, had less pain, was able to lift her arms and the accumulated poison tissue had diminished appreciably.

F is a middle-aged female. She had a problem of hearing in her left ear, a very stiff back and back of the neck and some other ailments. Her hearing ability improved already after the first massage and her back became more elastic.

G is a male teenager. He was stuttering, very nervous and tense. Both his body and his thinking were rigid. When I massaged him the second time I noticed a great difference compared to the first time. He was relaxed, did not stutter any more, was a lot more mature in the way he spoke, he had become a young man. He did the exercises that I proposed and after two weeks his body was much more elastic.

H is a female in her twenties. She had many internal injuries after several years of marital violence. Her hearing ability was damaged and she had lesions of the brain and in the belly organs. After three massage sessions her hearing disorder vanished as did the constant headache of the same side of the brain. She now has less pain in the belly and her organs function better. She still needs several massage treatments.

I is a male in his twenties. He had a paralysing disease which began in his teens. He had difficulty walking and was dragging his foot behind himself. Only by swinging his hip was he able to bring his left foot forward. I massaged him every day for one week. After a few days of massage, during treatment he suddenly received contact between the brain and the foot. He did his exercises every day and learned to walk again. This took one week of intensive treatment and exercise.

J is a middle-aged female who was repeatedly beaten and mistreated many years ago. She had many lesions. Among other things, her right scapular was "hanging" and protruding in an abnormal manner. She had a lot of pain in her shoulder. She had had this disorder for ten years. One massage and her doing the exercises that I proposed helped so much that until the next massage, one month later, her scapular had almost regained its proper position.

Times and prices

It is possible to stay overnight in our guest bedroom. If massage is needed for several consecutive days, you can also stay with us for a longer period.


The massage lasts for two hours. It contains everything, all massage methods mentioned above as well as, according to the needs of the patient, advice on diet. After your first visit you receive a written diagnosis and exercise pages. The exercise pages show figures of various exercises that you can do yourself at home to improve your health. It will be sent home to you within a few days of your first visit.

The price is SEK 1,200 (one thousand two hundred Swedish kronor).

If more than six massage treatments are needed in the course of six months, counting from the first session, the seventh massage will be bestowed. Within the six months, every seventh session is free of charge.

I also massage children older than eight years of age. As children are a lot smaller than adults, their massage generally takes less time. For young children one hour may suffice. If one hour is enough, the price is SEK 600 Swedish kronor.

Doing a thorough massage for an adult person where all parts of the body are massaged takes two hours. It is both an examination and a healing massage at the same time. Going home from me after the massage, you are in better health than when you arrived two hours earlier. In addition, you receive instructions about what you can do yourself. The massage that I offer is very efficient.

I can also offer just one hour of zone therapy on hands and feet for SEK 600 kronor.

Do you want to donate a massage session to somebody as a treat? Gift vouchers are available at an optional amount.

Cash payment or Swish. I do not take credit cards.

I also make home visits, both in Visby/ Gotland (Sweden) and elsewhere. The massage fee is the same amount and there is an additional charge for travel expenses. If several persons reside in the same place they can share this charge. If I travel beyond the district of Borlänge, I prefer to massage several persons in the same place or town. In one day I can massage a minimum of three persons and a maximum of five.

I sell no articles and am independent of commercial interests. I mix the massage oil myself from an ecologically cultivated base oil and ethereal oils.

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